Kosciusko boasts a very low crime rate, thanks in large part to the highly trained officers that serve in Kosciusko and Attala County. 

Kosciusko Police Department 

The Kosciusko Police Department consists of twenty full-time officers, two part-time officer and ten patrol cars. Each officer is certified by the State Training Academy or another approved academy. In addition, many officers have specialized training in fields such as criminal justice, DUI procedures, and domestic disturbances. Kosciusko was recently ranked 7th for the least crime for all towns of similar size in Mississippi.

Attala County Sheriff Department 

The Attala County Sheriff's Department consists of the sheriff, eight deputies, two constables who also serve as deputies, four reserve deputies, with eight patrol cars, and five additional specialized vehicles. The department also has a K-9 officer and a transport officer. All officers are required to attend the State Law Enforcement Training Academy.

Kosciusko Fire Department 

The Kosciusko Fire Department consists of twelve full-time firefighters and fifteen volunteer firefighters. The fire department is well-equipped, and has a state-of-the-art pumper among its fleet of vehicles. The city of Kosciusko has a class six fire rating by the Mississippi Rating Bureau. The fire department provides emergency medical services to city residents and also offers rescue-extrication to all Attala County residents. The fire department's new 12,000 square foot modern facility was built in 2005. In addition, the fire department offers water rescue, CPR education, and provides safety items for the elderly and low income citizens. 

Attala County Fire Department 

The Attala County Fire Department has a central station in Kosciusko with ten full-time firefighters, two part-time firefighters, and a staff of volunteer firefighters. There are also seven fire stations located throughout the county and staffed with volunteer firefighters.