Attala County is composed of two public school districts, both of which rank among the state's best. The Kosciusko School District has the highest accreditation within a 100 mile radius. The school that your children attend will depend upon the location within which you decide to live.

Excellence in education is an important part of life in Kosciusko, with some of the finest school districts in the state. The Kosciusko School District is one of only five districts to exceed the national average on ACT scores and ranks one of the top districts in the state based on SAT scores.

Kosciusko schools are ranked high performing by the MS. Department of Education with the high school being a STAR School. Kosciusko School System has been ranked 6th among 152 school districts in the state.

Kosciusko is also a nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School by the US Department of Education for schools that exceed excellence in eduction.

The Kosciusko School District has state of the art tech prep labs containing workstations with the latest programs and world wide internet access.

The district also has a vocational technical school offering programs in the building trades, metal trades, vehicle mechanics, technology, computer technology, and Mississippi Cooperative Education.

A key to our educational excellence is the commitment of the citizens to volunteer their time, resources, and ideals to promote better education. An example of this is the Kosciusko Foundation for Excellence in Education (KFEE), an organization of business people and individuals that provide grants to the district, KFEE has helped put computers in the classrooms and build a new math complex. The Learning Endowment and Achievement Program (LEAP Program) also is made up of volunteers and certified teachers that provide for tutoring and support for students in grade K-12.

Continuing education is a serious pursuit, as may be evidenced by the array of programs available in our area. Many opportunities are available in continuing education through day and night classes offered by the Attala Education Center, a satellite center of Holmes Community College, Kosciusko-Attala Vocational Center, and Mississippi State University.

There are several colleges and universities in the immediate area or within driving distance. Some of these colleges and universities qualify for the Sumner Foundation.